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The Impact of Gospel Music in Black History

The Impact of Gospel Music in Black History


By Richard Cox

Cece Winans
"Gospel music impacts the world as never before. It encompasses a variety of religious styles – traditional, contemporary, urban contemporary, Southern, and hip-hop. Gospel music continues to stretch into non-traditional territories, reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is heard daily on radio, seen on videos and television, sung in plays and even included in mainstream music awards shows. Gospel music has gained energy through media exposure, promotion and marketing throughout the years.

Through our struggles as a race, gospel music has given us strength. Its message of hope and faith in God has helped us stay focused as a people. It has allowed us to be optimistic about a brighter day and future ahead. Gospel music has always had the ability to literally move the listener and touch the soul. Whether swaying with the choirs, tapping your feet along with the quartets or simply raising your hands to the rhythms of soul-stirring songs, the music moves you. As Christians we must pray that gospel music is building bridges and not walls. There is such a demand for gospel music and singers to perform at banquets, conventions, award ceremonies, Black history programs, etc.

Donnie McClurkin
Gospel has reached a pinnacle in the music industry. Major recording companies have helped to fuel the gospel music industry. The phenomenal success from such artists as Kirk Franklin, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and more has been successful with Billboard charts that attest to gospel music's popularity. Television producer Bobby Jones has also been instrumental as a pioneer, promoting gospel music with his successful BET program, “Bobby Jones Gospel” for more than 25 years. The Stellar Awards has been successful for 20 years recognizing the achievements and contributions of gospel artists and pioneers in the gospel industry.

Let's reflect on some of the in gospel music pioneers who believed in letting the Holy Ghost have its way:


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