Christian Teens take the moral high ground on music piracy Not!

Christian Teens take the moral high ground on music piracy Not!


Gospel Music Association Launches "Millions of Wrongs Don't Make It Right"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - April 25, 2004 -- Christian teen music fans do not hold a higher ground morally when it comes to how they acquire music, reveals a new study commissioned by the Gospel Music Association. The study was conducted by The Barna Group of Ventura, Calif., the leading research firm for information and analysis regarding cultural trends and the Christian Church.

That finding, among others in the Barna study, are being used to shape an industry-wide campaign to educate and inform Christian music consumers about illegal downloading, file sharing and CD burning,announced John W. Styll, president of the GMA, at a press conference leading off GMA Week 2004 in Nashville. The campaign theme is "Millions of Wrongs Don't Make It Right" and will be conducted under the leadership of the Christian Music Trade Association (CMTA), a GMA-affiliated organization made up of the industry's leading recording companies.

"Like all other segments of the music industry, our album sales have been affected by the ongoing music piracy committed by consumers," said Styll. "We went into this study wanting to learn more about our young consumers and how their faith intersects with this vital issue. We were somewhat surprised to find that it does not. This furthers our resolve that we, meaning the industry, parents and spiritual leaders, need to do a better job educating the hearts and minds of young people to the basic biblical principle, 'thou shalt not steal.'"

The Barna Group surveyed 1,448 teenagers, including both Christians and teens of other faith commitments. Some key findings of the study, which were released by The Barna Group (and follow this news release), were:

With regard to attitudes:

The study shows that born again Christian teens are not much different than are non-born again teens in terms of holding an anti-piracy moral position. Just 10% of Christian teens believe that copying CDs for friends and unauthorized music downloading are morally wrong, compared to 6% of non-born agains. Only one in 13 teenagers (eight percent) expressed moral opposition to piracy. 21 percent of teens think copying CDs and unauthorized downloading were morally okay.


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