Harvey Watkins, Jr. - It’s In My Heart

Harvey Watkins, Jr. - It’s In My Heart


Praise the Lord all of God’s people!!!

Once again, I take great pleasure in reviewing another project for the Canton Spirituals. Actually I’m not writing about the Canton Spirituals as a whole - this article is about lead singer Harvey Watkins, Jr.

Harvey has taken heed to the unction of the Holy Spirit, stepped out on faith and cut his first solo CD - It’s In My Heart – Live In Raymond, MS Surely the songs on this CD came straight from the anointing God has placed in him. Gospel fans love Harvey for the way he delivers the praises of God thru song - without “showing off”, trying to impress or out sing anyone. He is truly a down-to-earth, gut singer who simply knows only what you do for Christ will last. He sings from his heart because he sings from experience - that is why the title of the CD is so appropriate.

On this project, Harvey has collaborated with a number of close friends (his “homies”) and even, get this, his pastor. I love it!!! For sure, Pastor M.J. Williams can hold his own when it comes to singing the gospel. On All Of My Help, Harvey and Pastor Williams just follow the Holy Spirit, allowing the anointing of God to take over. You, the listener, will be praising and thanking God, just in case you forgot for a moment where your help comes from.

This project is a combination of praise, worship and encouragement to the children of God and, yes, even to those that have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The union of such talented and anointed artists as Paul Porter (The Christianaires), Doug & Melvin Williams (The Williams Brothers), and Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, makes this CD a one-of-a-kind “gem” that cannot be imitated - because of the Anointing!!! Oh! let me rephrase - an imitation will not attain the same results and that is because of the ANOINTING!!!

Songs on this CD includes the title cut, It’s In My Heart with Melvin & Doug, “Be Careful” with Paul Porter, We Need Your Help, You Brought Us, All Of My Help with Pastor M.J. Williams, Blessings Keep Coming, God Kept Me, Everything I Need with the “Wonderboy”, “Because I Love You” (in memory of his father, Harvey Watkins, Sr. ), Be More Like You, America The Beautiful and Grateful. The one cut with all of these talented and anointed men of God coming together to bless your soul is It’s Gonna Be Alright. It will just take you to your knees with your hands lifted up and your mouth filled with praise to the Holy One.


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