Howard Hewitt - The Journey

Howard Hewitt - The Journey


Howard Hewitt

Howard’s been through quite a journey in his walk.

It’s the journey that he wants to share - the knowledge that through life’s ups and downs, God has been there every step of the way, protecting, providing, performing miracles, forgiving, healing brokenness and reconciling.

Interspersed throughout the CD are the musical motif and verbal reminders, questions

– “How are You living your journey?”

Here are cuts to look for: Off the top, Mercy layers soundscapes of solo, choral, small ensemble and female backup vocals in a mesh that captures your attention.

Stylistically, it flows well with Howard’s writing technique and his long-standing reputation as a crooner of love songs.

The difference is, this is all about the love, mercy and power of God to reconcile the fallen saint.

Potter’s House is a punchy, funkdafied baseline-driven track. Instrumentally it’s sparse, without a driving snare, kick, ride or crash, it’s all about the vocals and the lyrics:

When I’m down and feelin’ low,

To the Potter’s House I go

He fixed me up and made me right.

Kevin Bond (Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and a semi-truckload list of other artists) produces, engineers, plays and sings background vocals on the unassuming title track – The Journey.

One for the repeat function: Say Amen is a close remake of the original, only more intense, more convicted of its significance and meaning.

Howard is much more convinced of his relationship with Christ now than he was when Say Amen was first released.

An observation: the majority of the tracks on this offering are ‘slow jam’-style R&B, where the bed tracks are quite understated, and rightly so – with Howard’s finely pitched vocals, it would be just WRONG to clutter that up with busy instrumental tracks.

Overall, this is easy listening gospel at its best.

Combining his romantic lilt with the gospel message, Howard Hewitt’s rendition of these songs is a fine integration of the two styles.

Sounding better than ever, Howard’s lilting voice now at times takes on much more grit.

Proud of you Howard! You’ve held on.

Now the insights you’ve gained throughout your journey prove that thus far, it’s been worthwhile.

Can someone say amen?


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