Bubby Fann & Unlimited Praise - Judah Prayze

Bubby Fann & Unlimited Praise - Judah Prayze


In the recent move of music to contemporary gospel, there are a plethora of new artists who have entered the stage. What sets some artists apart from the pack is usually their uniqueness, a certain “je ne sais quoi” they bring to the genre. That’s the case with Bubby Fann & Unlimited Praise. The Tyscot recording artist has blessed the urban gospel community with a new project entitled Judah Prayze.

Fann, part of the neo-soul revolution, is a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and a college graduate who studied piano, voice and music theory. He felt the calling of music ministry at his father’s church where he started as a drummer and then, as church organist. He continued to nurture his gifting and soon formed the group Unlimited Praise. The 10-member group, along with Fann, has had the opportunity to travel worldwide ministering to many. They’ve received numerous accolades, including a 2001 GMWA Excellence Award nomination for Best Contemporary Group/Choir of the Year. Their first project, In Dreams, received rave reviews. Those who loved his first project will love his sophomore release Judah Prayze.

Fann’s music may be reminiscent of mainstream contemporaries Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and D’Angelo, but he truly can’t be categorized. Bubby Fann and Unlimited Praise opensJudah Prayze with What About Your Soul – a song bringing a poignant message in addition to a smooth sound. As Fann reminds us, after all is said and done, your soul is really the only thing that matters. Slick instrumentation is apparent on the next cut, After The Rain. The bouncy and positive beat of the jam is a reminder that after the rain, the sun is promised to shine. Upbeat and hopeful messages permeate the entire project – obviously the influence of Fann himself since he is the primary songwriter on the project.

The title cut, Judah Prayze, has been getting spins nationwide. The track, sparse in musical instrumentation but thick in the funk, is simple in the message:

Every time I lift my hands
Every time I stomp my feet
Every time I lift my voice
I send a Judah Prayze


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