Michelle Williams - Do You Know

Michelle Williams - Do You Know



With a whirlwind of percussive tools whined by percussion genius Ken Lewis (Helen Baylor, Jaci Velasquez) and the jolting acoustics of (often under rated) super producer Tommy Sims (Darwin Hobbs, CeCe Winans, & Smokie Norful, Just to name a few) the inimitable sopralto stylings of Michelle Williams are sure to whisk you away with Purpose in Your Storm, the opening track to her heavily anticipated sophomore solo project Do You Know. REWIND… Michelle Williams is the hometown girl from your neighborhood that can just blow. You know the one. The one that goes from church to church singing in musicals and talent shows, and everyone knows she can sing but even she wonders will she ever get a record deal. Then BAMM!!! Destiny’s Child!!! (I know it wasn’t that easy Michelle…) But, instantly she was washed in with Beyonce Knowles & Kelly Rowland to become one of the biggest and most successful girl groups, excuse me, groups PERIOD! But just 10 months after releasing the now 6x’s Platinum album Survivor she released her own first Solo project Heart to Yours. Now she is back again with the beautifully written, fantastically produced Do You Know. Do you Know is a very wonderfully produced gospel album that in some places is a throwback to a Duke Ellington jazz minuet, in others it’s a fast paced hip-hop laced gospel after-party, and in others it’s a beautiful testimony of a woman at the well.

One of the most beautiful songs on Do You Know is a personal testament to Michelle’s own story aptly penned 15 Minutes, in which she ponders God’s never ending love with a chorus that exclaims …I should have been a one hit wonder\ 15 Minutes of fame\With nothing gained and nothin’ lefty to loose\My only chance was you\ and here you come again. Other highlights are the gospel slow jam Love Thang where Michelle enlists the help of Dawkins & Dawkins and the surprisingly different production of the fella’s from PAJAM on The Way of Love. Solange Knowles also shows up in the credits with the stomping track The Movement, that jars out Lace’em up and stomp’em down\Pick your boots up off the ground, and Solange’s big sister rounds off the album with her production on the DC laced I KNOW But, the true highlight of this album is Michelle’s unique, yet beautiful, timbre and her magnificent song writing. Song’s like The Incident and Never be the Same are very heavily written and at some point require some thought to actually understand. Michelle carefully sculpts these songs into weapons that can be used for the glorification of God, but they will require a good 3 or 4 practice fires or a read of the Instruction Manual. (Not Included). To any extent Michelle is a beautiful testament of what God can do with a person who’s more than willing to give it all to him. One interviewer asked, so what do you plan to do next in your career, and she simply replied, “Right now, all I can do is to ask for God's will to be done and where ever He wants to take me after this, I'll do it. I'll go,"


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